Definitions for "ECR"
lectronic ash egister - a cash register that also emulates a point-of-sale terminal for processing credit card transactions.
Efficient Consumer Response. A process that encourages suppliers, distributors/wholesalers and convenience store operators to work together more closely to streamline operations, reduce costs, and optimize store assortments so that consumer value is maximized. Efficient Replenishment - The improvement of time and cost factors in the replenishment system through automated retail and warehouse ordering, improved logistics and reductions in damage and inventories for suppliers and warehouses.
Efficient Consumer Response. An initiative whereby elements of a supply chain work together to fulfil customer wishes better, faster and at less cost.
Engineering Change Request. The first step in the procedure to change specifications. CableLabs issues ECR number, posts to Web site EC table and ECR page. CableLabs sends ECR to subject area working group mail list (and author). DOCSIS, CableHome, OpenCable and PacketCable all utilize a similar process.
Error Correction Requests
Engineering Change Request. Request from any plant or department requesting tool design to proceed with design or assembly fixtures.
Extra Contractual Referrals
Extra Contractual Referral - Now replaced by OATS.
Exempt Company Regime. A scheme that exempts certain companies from the financial reporting requirements of the Financial Reporting Act 1993. The ECR sets out a mandatory prescribed form and directions that exempt companies must use to complete their financial reporting
Effort Certification Report. A form used to report the effort of salaried employees whose salaries are at least in part charged directly to sponsored agreements, attributed to any activity for purposes of allocating indirect cost, devote effort to departmental administration and/or contribute effort for cost sharing purposes. (Also, one term for referring to the now renamed PECR.)
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European Congress of Radiology
Enhanced Carrier Route is a subclass of Standard A mail rate achieved when mail meets the density requirements of 10 or more pieces going to the same Carrier Route.
Enhanced Carrier Route. Mail pieces must be part of a group of at least 10 and sorted to the same carrier route. Pieces that cannot be sorted to carrier routes do not qualify for the lower rate and cannot make up more than five percent of the mailing.
Dialogic's Echo Cancellation Resource, consisting of three Voice library function APIs for implementing echo cancellation on a Dialogic voice channel device.
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Effective Conversion Rates
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ECR can stand for
Engineering Computer Resources