Definitions for "Eco"
Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, the standard multi-volume reference work on opening strategy.
The Encyclopedia of Chess Openings which is a collection of different chess openings.
The Encyclopedia of Chess Openings is a collection of texts detailing the moves of common chess opening lines with commentary. Common opening lines are classified by a de facto standard ECO code such as B01 (Center Counter Game or Scandinavian Defense). A list of ECO codes is available at the website. Category: Glossary 1 visitor(s) thought this was helpful. Do you
engineering change order. A formal document that has been signed off by the affected departments and authorizes product definition changes to a drawing, bill of material or routing. It often ties to system planning, scheduling and cost functions by specifying an effectivity date for the items included.
Energy Conservation Opportunity. This term is widely used to represent any energy efficiency project that will reduce energy expenditures. Similar acronyms include FIM (facility improvement measure), ECM (energy conservation measure).
Engineering Change Order. A change management system designed to track changes made to production standards (routing and bill of material). Also called Engineering Change Requests (ECR) and Engineering Change Notifications (ECN) or Engineering Change Management (ECM). ECO systems typically affect material planning, inventory, purchasing and other departments within an organization.
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This prefix come from the Greek "Oikos" which means house. In the original context, ecology refers to the house we live in and economy refers to how we manage that house.
Eco comes from the ancient Greek word "oikos" (house). It is mostly used as prefix.
nergy ut ff. A safety device designed to shut power off to the water heater and prevent high temperature.
energy cut-off, also known as automatic shutoff. Thermostatic safety device which shuts off gas supply in the event of excessive water temperature in tank.
Eco is a evolution life simulation game developed by Dentons for the Amiga and Atari ST. It was released in 1988 and pusblished by Ocean Software.
Electronic Central Office; telephone office that uses electronic switching.
Electronic Collections Online An OCLC electronic journals service that offers Web access to a growing collection of more than 3,000 titles, letting libraries subscribe to individual journals and provide access to them for their end users through a single Web interface.
Electronic Countermeasures Officer
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Epichlorohydrin rubber
FUME - A new phosphine fumigant. Phosphine (2% by weight) mixed with carbon dioxide (98% by weight).
Easy Car Option
Employee Commute Option (Wilmington, Delaware)
Extra Contractual Obligations. A generic term that, when used in reinsurance agreements, refers to damages awarded by a court against an insurer which are outside the provisions of the insurance policy, due to the insurer's bad faith, fraud, or gross negligence in the handling of a claim. Examples are punitive damages and losses in excess of policy limits. A-H · I-Q · R-Z
Economic Cooperation Organisation
DTI Export Control Organisation
Economic Cooperation Organization
The Eco is the proposed name for the common currency that the West African Monetary Zone plans to introduce by 2009 in the framework of ECOWAS.
of the environment, habitat
system—A biological community existing in a specific physical environment.