Definitions for "EARTHWORKS"
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A large series of ditches dug around defended settlements, and linear ditches dividing up the countryside. Also see MAIDEN CASTLE
Mounds and hollows, banks and ditches made of earth, clay and soil, often representing collapsed structures.
New England has quite a few old earthworks of unknown origin. Berms, ditches, trenches etc.
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Earthworks is a 1965 dystopian science fiction novel by prolific British science fiction author Brian Aldiss.
"Earthworks" is a song by Kerbdog and their first single released in 1993. The single was released on three formats, CD, 7" vinyl and 12" vinyl. The songs on the single also feature on Kerbdog's self titled debut album but the single preceded the album by two years and the recordings of the songs are not the same as on the album, but are taken from a demo recorded in June, 1992.
Earthworks is a British jazz band led by drummer Bill Bruford. It was established in 1986 with a line up that included Django Bates on keyboards and Iain Ballamy on saxophone. The band has since gone through many line-ups featuring young British jazz players who have since gone on to become well-known, and has recorded several albums for Editions EG.
All operations involved in moving, loosening, depositing, shaping, compacting and stabilising soil and rock.
Earthworks is a form of art created in nature that uses natural materials such as stones, leaves, or soil.
In civil engineering, earthworks are engineering works created through the moving of massive quantities of soil or unformed rock. Engineers need to concern themselves with issues of geotechnical engineering (such as soil fluidity and friction) and with quantity estimation to ensure that soil volumes in the cuts match those of the fills, while minimising the distance of movement. In the past, such calculations were done by hand using a slide rule and with methods such as Simpson's rule; now they can be performed simply with a computer and specialised software.
Earthworks is a professional audio equipment company founded by David E. Blackmer in the late 1980s after he left dbx to sell studio microphones, preamplifiers and studio reference monitors.