Definitions for "Earthiness"
Keywords:  exotic, taste, sour, coffee, wildness
Earthiness is a flavor defect deriving from careless, primitive processing that in some contexts may be seen as virtues. Some Harrar coffees sold in specialty stores may have a hint of wildness or earthiness to them. Roasters from Italy often like to include some earthy-tasting Brazilian coffees in their espresso blends. If a New Orleans blend is at all authentic it also should have some Brazilian wildness in it. If the earthy taste dominates to the point that the coffee tastes distinctly sour or harsh, this quality becomes a flavor defect; you won't find such coffees in specialty stores. Your Sumatran sample may have a hint of earthiness or mustiness to it, but it shouldn't.
Depending on who is doing the tasting, it can be a taste defect or a desirable exotic taste characterized by how intense the earthy taste in question is.
refers to a particular flavour sensation that comes from certain Indonesian coffees.
The quality or state of being earthy, or of containing earth; hence, grossness.