Definitions for "Earned Income"
Keywords:  unearned, wages, salary, bonuses, tips
Money you get because you work, such as wages from work and earnings from self-employment.
Income received as compensation for work, such as salary, wages and self-employment income. By contrast, unearned income includes income from investments. This distinction is used for certain income tax purposes.
The proportion of the total subscription price which is booked to the publisher's Profit & Loss account, issue by issue (also known as “Revenue release”). The accounting is as follows: Earned income + Deferred income = Total subscription price
Earnest Money
The amount of money you are paid for working at your job or occupation.
Money that an organisation makes through its own efforts in trading, selling (or hiring) goods and/or services. This generally covers all the trading activities of cultural organisations – everything from ticket and admission sales to catering, sale of books, catalogues, postcards, records and CDs, videos, costume hire, training, exploitation of rights and copyrights, etc.