Definitions for "E911"
Keywords:  psap, voip, fcc, geographic, closest
Allows cell phone users to dial 911 and be connected to the closest geographic PSAP. Currently, VoIP services do not have access to E911.
Technology allowing 911 calls from cellular phones to be routed to the geographically correct emergency stations (a.k.a. PSAP/Public Safety Access Points) mandated by the FCC. VoIP users currently have limited access to 911 services, because VoIP is not geographically based.
This system is for use primarily with cell-phones, although some car based navigation systems provide support for it. These systems are designed to enable GPS tracking when 911 is dialed or the key is pressed to activate the service. This permits those who can not speak to communicate their location and needs to receive quick assistance.
911 service becomes E911 when automatic number identification and automatic location information is provided to the 911 operator.