Definitions for "E-mail"
electronic mail; a digitally encoded message sent from one computer to another through an electronic communications medium, especially by means of a computer network.
to send (an e-mail message) to someone; as, I emailed the article to the editor; she emailed me her report.
Electronic mail sent using the internet. You can only send E-mail from a computer with a modem or one which is connected to a network with an internet facility. There are different types of E-mail software programmes, Pegasus mail being a popular one because it is available as Freeware from the WWW to individual users. Other common programmes include Simeon and Eudora, and E-mail is integral to certain software packages such as Outlook. E-mail is useful not only for passing memos internally, or for contacting people nationally and internationally cheaply and quickly (within seconds), but also as a way of passing documents for others to read as an attachment.
lectronic ail: I suspect if you have the wherewithal to surf the net -- this definition is unnecessary
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an inexpensive way to improve your friendship An ear to the ground and nose to the grindstone can be painful An early example of the Peter Principle An earthquake
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emoticon Ethernet
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Soap Opera
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EGSM Enhanced Service
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Mosaic Usenet
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an acceptable notification
a type of digital object defined, at the conceptual and logical levels, by essential data elements, e
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questions, info and more...
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What passes for social intercourse for CFS. The ability to have a relationship with people without having to talk and listen when you don't feel up to it.
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a specific, relevant, focused offer with an intent to drive sales
a permanent record of your comments - so be careful what you say
In the Publishing Framework, a common method for delivering a result set package to recipients whose identities are known to the publisher. See also Delivery Transport.
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a first impression, like a first date face-to-face
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a private interaction
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an acceptable form of consent
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See letters, contacts.
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a good first option
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a knowledge product