Definitions for "Dysplasia"
A medical combining form that means '(a condition of) abnormal development.' Common examples include chondrodysplasia, epidermodysplasia, and osteomyelodysplasia.
Abnormal cell growth or tissue growth.
areas of misplaced or abnormally formed neurons in the brain.
bad (dys) + growth (plasia)
Disordered growth and differentiation. Sometimes used to indicate a pre-invasive neoplastic change (e.g. in the gut).
Neoplastic Uveitis
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Menorrhagia Thalamus
Mucocutaneous Vertigo Mutagenesis Vestibular
Molecule Teniposide Monocyte Thioguanine
Paralysis Ultrasonography
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Ventricular Parity Visceral
Osteoarthritis which can be a crippling condition.
Menstruation Sterilization Mitosis Steroid
(Developmental dysplasia of the hip) – incorrect positioning of the head of the femur in the pelvic socket Back to the top
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Oral Viral Orbital Viruses
a disorder of this maturation progression
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not formed properly
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Failure to develop.