Definitions for "DYS"
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D = DNA: Y = Chromosome; S = Single copy sequence. The DYS numbering scheme (e.g. DYS388, DYS390) for the Y-STR haplotype markers are controlled and administered by an international standards body called HUGO - Human Gene Nomenclature Committee - based at University College, London.
See 'A- and DYS-'
NA + chromosome + [unique DNA] egment. DYS numbers are assigned by HUGO ( Hu man enome rganization). False Paternal Event, false paternity, non-paternal event, non-paternity event: all these terms refer to a break in the Y chromosome line due to adoption, name change, "extramarital event" (infidelity), child known by other surname (mother's maiden name, stepfather's name), etc. Haplogroup (clade) usually refers to ancient/deep ancestry, before surnames
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Former Division of Youth Services in DHSS. Is now Division of Juvenille Corrections (DJC), Department of Corrections. Definition
Department of Youth Services, Ohio Juvenile Correction System.
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