Definitions for "Dynasty"
Sovereignty; lordship; dominion.
A race or succession of kings, of the same line or family; the continued lordship of a race of rulers.
a series of rulers that belong to the same family
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In sports, the term dynasty is often used to refer to a team that dominates their sport for a period of time. Such dominance is usually recognized only after a team has won many championships in a given time (3 in 4 years, 5 in 8 years, 7 in 12 years, etc.). The exact requirements for the label is a frequent topic of debate among sports fans.
Dynasty is a studio album by the American hard rock band Kiss. It was released less than a year after the four solo albums, which were commercial disappointments. The album, and its subsequent tour, were billed as the "Return of Kiss."
Dynasty was a R&B band based in Los Angeles, California, created by producer and SOLAR Records label head Dick Griffey and Leon Sylvers III. The band was known for their clever dance/pop numbers during the late 1970’s and 1980’s. Bassist Kevin Spencer and vocalists Nidra Beard and Linda Carriere comprised the group.
The Chinese Elm U. parvifolia cultivar Dynasty is a medium-size tree rarely exceeding 13 m in height, with a spread of similar dimension producing a very rounded shape. The leaves turn orange-yellow in autumn. A National Arboretum introduction reputed to be very fast growing, specimens are grown at Smith College (Accession Nos. 2102, 4903), the Scott Arboretum, Swarthmore College (Accession No. 97-689), and by Bartlett Tree Experts, North Carolina, (Accession Nos. 87-1060/1/2, and 2004-326, 2004-336).
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an anathema to democracy
a Limousine service specializing in weddings and special events only
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an era of time within the game world