Definitions for "Dynamo"
A dynamo-electric machine.
A device that generates electricity through the effect of motion in the presence of a magnetic field. The solar dynamo explains sunspots and the solar activity cycle.
The process in which the motion of electrical charges generated a magnetic field.
Dynamo is the name of the collaboration between Shay Almakayes of Dynamic and Junya Phantasm of Eskimo). As with their original projects, this collaboration has produced single tracks as well as an album of psychedelic trance music, often with high tempos and throbbing basslines.
Dynamo is an album recorded by Argentine Rock band Soda Stereo. It is their seventh full-length album and it was released by Sony Music in 1992. A highly experimental record, it showed a heavy influence from bands like My Bloody Valentine, Curve and Slowdive.
Dynamo is a major character from the 1987 film The Running Man, the story of a sadistic game show produced by a future dystopic media-controlling government in which convicted criminals fight for their lives, pursued by an army of stalkers. Dynamo is one of the stalkers in the game, chasing the contestants (runners) as they attempt to survive, for cash, prizes and possible freedom. He is played by Erland Van Lidth De Jeude in his final film performance before his death of heart failure in September of the same year
Dynamo was a fictional superhero that appeared in comic books published by Fox Feature Syndicate. He originally appeared in Science Comics #1 (February 1940) under the name Electro. He appeared for the first time as Dynamo in Science Comics #2 (March 1940).
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See Alternator.
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