Definitions for "Dynamite "
An explosive substance consisting of nitroglycerin absorbed by some inert, porous solid, as infusorial earth, sawdust, etc. It is safer than nitroglycerin, being less liable to explosion from moderate shocks, or from spontaneous decomposition.
An explosive of great power, consisting of a mixture of nitroglycerin with some absorbent material such as sawdust. To blow up, destroy, or break up with dynamite.
an explosive containing nitrate sensitized with nitroglycerin absorbed on wood pulp
Dynamite was a magazine for children published by Scholastic Press. This guide to kids' popular culture ran from 1974 until 1992. The first cover, Dynamite #1 from 1974, featured M*A*S*H characters Hawkeye and Radar.
Dynamite is Jamiroquai's sixth studio album. Produced by Mike Spencer and Jay Kay it is perhaps their most diverse work to date, featuring electronic, funk, disco, house, and acoustic tracks.
Dynamite is an album by Jermaine Jackson. It features one of his famous hits, "Do What You Do", its B-Side "Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'" (a duet with his brother Michael Jackson), as well as other participations from The Jacksons on "Escape from the Planet of the Ant Men" and Whitney Houston (the duet "Take Good Care Of My Heart").
Dynamite is an isometric puzzle game. The evil potentate is ruining everyone's lives! You can use the power of dynamite to destroy his strongholds. Detonate dynamite by the blue load bearing pillars to bring down the castles. Watch out for the guards, hide next to walls but not too close to guards, and escape via windows.
Dynamite is the official fight song of Vanderbilt University, written by Francis Craig. It is played at football and basketball games, and at other times when a rousing salute to Vandy is desired.
Initiation of an emergency application.
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blow up with dynamite; "The rock was dynamited"