Definitions for "DVCAM"
Sony's tradename for professional version of the consumer DV format.
Digital Video Camera, sometimes also used to describe one variant of the DV25 digital video file format. Extended Card PC Cards that extend beyond the slot (past 85.6mm standard length). Extended Cards often feature components requiring external proximity to the host, such as antennae for wireless applications. They are also becoming popular on host adapter cards providing ports without dongles. FireWire® Apple Computer's trademark for IEEE 1394 See IEEE 1394 IEEE 1394 IEEE 1394 (aka. FireWire® and iLINK™) is a high-bandwidth isochronous (real-time) interface for computers, peripherals, and consumer electronics products such as camcorders, VCRs, printers, PCs, TVs, and digital cameras. With IEEE 1394-compatible products and systems, users can transfer video or still images from a camera or camcorder to a printer, PC, or television, with no image degradation. For more information please see Synchrotech's FireWire® Information Page.
A digital video compression format provided by Sony. The DVCAM format provides fixed media compression.