Definitions for "Dust Jacket"
The paper covering that protects and promotes a hardcover book. It first appeared on books during the 1800s and was originally meant to protect the book from the element however publishers quickly learned the dustjacket's value as a marketing tool and began printing images and related text on them. Dust jackets suffer from their roll protecting books and rarely remain in good condition. A jacket in excellent condition goes a long way towards improving an antique book's value.
A removable paper cover placed by a publisher on a book, usually in hardcover, to protect the binding. This dust jacket is often used as a medium for advertising the book to potential buyers.
The removable paper jacket that wraps around the binding. Usually the first element to receive wear, hence much prized by perfectionists in certain collecting fields.
An ephemeral object without which a first edition becomes worthless to collectors.
Popular garment in Australia or Death Valley.