Definitions for "Ducts"
Keywords:  lobule, nipple, milk, breast, mammary
channels within the breast which pass milk from the lobules, where it is made, to the nipple.
Tubes that transport the product of a gland. Ducts in the breast (also called the mammary gland) have a tree-like structure. When a mother makes breast milk, the branch-like ducts gather the milk, moving it to larger ducts and then to the nipple.
hollow passages for gland secretions. In the breast, a passage through which milk passes from the lobule to the nipple.
Keywords:  rectangular, pipe, warm, cool, cold
Usually round or rectangular metal pipes installed for distributing warm or cold air from the heating and air-conditioning equipment.
Ducts are large diameter conduits, that deliver heated/cooled air throughout the house. Older houses have ducts made from sheet metal, but today, ducts are usually insulated, flexible plastic tubes.
Metal, vinyl, or insulated foam-board pipes, usually rectangular, which carry forced warm air from the heating unit to various parts of the house; also used to circulate cooled air from the air-conditioning unit.
Keywords:  laid, tubes, cables, fluids, pass
Tubes through which cables are laid.
Tubes through which body fluids pass.