Definitions for "Dual Choice"
Keywords:  hmo, dhmo, choice, ppo, employer
A health benefit offered by an employment group permitting eligibles of the group a voluntary choice of health plans; usually the employer's primary insurer and an HMO.
The federal requirement that employers having 25 or more employees who are within the service area of a federally qualified DHMO, who are paying at least minimum wage, and who offer a health plan to their employees, must offer DHMO coverage as well as an indemnity plan.
Dual choice enables employers to offer employees not one, but two health plans. Usually, this is a choice of between an HMO and PPO, or HMO and POS. Dual Choice allows you to choose the type of plan that best meets your needs or budgets. Typically, your employer pays a portion of the premium in these plans, and you pay the balance. effective date: The specified date of when the health insurance policy would begin.
An option that allows you to select from two or more types of dental programs. Also called "dual option."