Definitions for "DTM"
digital terrain model. (n) A 3-D computer model of a land form generated from survey data. Such models are often used by civil engineers and land planners to explore possible placements of structures or changes to the terrain before actual construction begins.
digital terrain model. Digitally encoded information about the elevation (or variation of relief) of a given area. This gives a quantitative model of landform. Often the terms DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and DTM (Digital Terrain Model) are used interchangeably, although many prefer to use the term DEM to describe a model containing only discrete data on elevation.
Digital Terrain Model; synonym for DEM
Deutschen Tourenwagen-Masters
Deutschen Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft
Deutschen Tourwagen Masters
Distinguished Toastmaster The highest award a member can receive it culminates both the educational and leadership tracks.
(Distinguished Toastmaster) - This award is given to those achieving the Advanced Toastmaster Gold award and the Advanced Leader award. This is the highest recognition a member may receive. G-I
DTM (Don't Tell Mama) is a nightclub in central Helsinki, Finland.
See Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode.
Dynamic synchronous transfer mode: a dynamic circuit-switched technology that realizes transport between routers through channels, and enables high-speed optical transport. A channel has a dedicated bandwidth and forms a dynamic route between the sender and the receiver, passing through the routers along the path. QoS channels are established on-the-fly and set up extremely quickly. Routers along a channel's path have an easy task passing data from one link to the next, as no address information must be checked. No packets need to be stored in buffers. In fact, no packet buffers are needed at all. Consequently, there is no risk of the buffer overflow that leads to packet loss and net congestion. Dynarc
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DigiTrekker Module
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Dermatophyte Test Medium
Derivatives Trading Manager. The manager of a hedge fund specialising in derivative instruments.
Center for Display Technology and Manufacturing