Definitions for "DSSSL"
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Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL ) is a standard for the processing of Standard Generalized Markup Language documents. DSSSL describes how such a structured document might be presented visually, or converted to something else, or processed in some other way. SGML is a document structure language; DSSSL is a document processing language, especially for presentation or transformation. DSSL contains separate parts and you can choose which parts of the standard to use when creating a DSSSL definition. It contains standards for a style language, Flow objects, a transformation language, a document model, and a query language. Introduction to DSSSL Jade - James' DSSSL Engine
Document Style Semantics and Specifications Language
Document Style Semantics and Specification Language DSSSL is an ISO standard for SGML documents' style sheet specifications. Just as SGML is the granny of HTML and XML, DSSSL is the granny of CSS. The conventions of CSS look similar to DSSSL statements. DSSSL is more powerful than CSS because it supports style programming, while CSS is just a list of properties.