Definitions for "DSP"
A highly advanced computer chip used in Garrett detectors and other sophisticated electronic equipment
Digital Sound (Signal) Processor. Lets you programme a listening environment pattern and change the sound to suit the music. A type of super equaliser.
Refers to various techniques for improving the quality of digital communications.
Diarrheic Shellfish Poisoning. Illness caused by eating shellfish that have fed on Dinophysis or Prorocentrum dinoflagellates which produce a suite of toxins, including okadaic acid, dinophysistoxins, and pectenotoxins; causes gastrointestinal disorders; not life threatening
Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning. A human gastrointestinal disease caused by the ingestion of toxic marine shellfish (filter-feeding bivalves) from cold and warm temperate regions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (Steidinger 1993). Shellfish can accumulate and store large quantities of red tide dinoflagellate toxins without apparent harm to themselves (Steidinger & Baden 1984). Symptoms include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting lasting a few days. No human deaths have been reported (Hallegraeff 1995).
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Domain Specific Part. A part of an OSI NSAP address that determines the network addressing authority identified by the IDI.
domain specific part. Part of an NSAP-format ATM address that contains an area identifier, a station identifier, and a selector byte.
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Dummy sealing plug, glass reinforced epoxy, stainless steel or aluminum, dummies off BCR, CCR, FCR
Dummy Sealing Plug For Receptacle
District Strategic Plans
Defence Strategic Plan
Downtown Strategic Plan
A system of satellites in geo-stationary orbits, fixed and mobile ground processing stations, one multi-purpose facility, and a ground communications network (GCN). DSP’s primary mission is to provide tactical warning and limited attack assessment of a ballistic missile attack.
Defense Support Program. DSP satellites are the current U.S. early-warning satellites, based in geostationary (deep-space) orbit. Operating since the early 1970s, DSP satellites scan the earth's surface looking for the intense infrared light given off by missiles under powered flight.
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Directiei de Sanatate Publica
A policy drafted by members of United Students Against Sweatshops, brought to the LOC by GSC members, and adopted by Georgetown in December 2005. The goal of the DSP is to ensure that collegiate apparel is produced in designated factories that meet a high level of labor rights standards, including the existence of a legitimate union or other worker representative body and payment of a living wage. [more on the Sweat-free campaign
Formerly known as the .MAK file. The project build file that specifies how to build a particular project in a project workspace. The file contains source file names and locations, build settings, and debug settings, including breakpoints and watches. In terms of source control, .DSP files can be shared.
Deputy Superintendent of Police.
Decapeptide Substance P. a substance found in the synovial fluid of joints that can destroy cartilage and magnify the intensity of pain.
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mix resonance wah-wah
Developmental Studies Program. The Developmental Studies Program is designed to help students improve learning skills necessary for college success. Developmental courses in grammar, writing, mathematics, reading and study skills are structured to meet the needs of each student. Developmental studies courses award college credit and generate 3-5 credit hours per course but they do not apply toward minimum requirements for graduation, Honors or the Dean's List.
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Délégation de Service Public
Acronym for dynamic server pages. Functionally a DSP is the webMethods equivalent to Active Server Pages or Java Server Pages.
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See Echelon DSP.( Back to the top)
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Dr. Halo Graphic Screen Driver or MS Developer Studio Project
Data Service Provider. Providers of online services authenticated by Athens.
Document Service Provider
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Compressed WAV format. DSP Group True Speech (TM) format.
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Dream State Psi. Term used to refer to all types of psi that are experienced in a dream or dream-like state.
Depository Services Program (DSP) is the mechanism by which the Canadian government fulfills its obligation to provide information free of charge to the public. Through this program, information from government departments and agencies is distributed to an approved network of depository libraries.
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Direct Stock Purchase Plan. A SEC-regulated program which enables a company...
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Disability Support Pension
Dispute Settlement Procedure.
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died without issue (no children) dy died young
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Division of Sponsored Programs
Department of Strategy & Planning
Defense Standardization Program
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Directory System Protocol
Specifies the company and specific switching product.
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Direct Stock-purchase Plans