Definitions for "DSO"
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(Dealer Special Options - Ford) This term indicates a high risk option that may be ordered as a fleet item only. An item ordered as a DSO may adversely affect the time in which a vehicle is built, because they are often kept in very short supply by the manufacturer.
Dealer Special Order. A Ford fleet sales department that quotes non-standard factory installations to dealers. Upfits that are installed at a location in close proximity to the OEM plant.
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Days Sales Outstanding. Accounts receivable divided by sales for a given quarter,...
days sales outstanding. The measure of an organization's collection period and ability to turn sales into cash, as measured by total period accounts receivable divided by total period sales, times number of days in period.
Days Service Outstanding -- number of days from the date of service until payment is received.
Dynamic Shared Object. An Apache module written in C must either be compiled directly into the server, or loaded dynamically at run time. Dynamically loaded modules are called DSOs. DSOs make it possible to add or remove modules at runtime without having to recompile the server.
Dynamic Sound Stage Organiser
Data Source Objects (DSO) provide the basis for XML data-binding support.
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
The basic element of the carrier digital hierarchy called the T-carrier system, a 64 kbps information channel that can be used to transport digital data or PCM-coded voice.
A dedicated private line that has a digital service rate of 64 kilobits per second (Kbps) which is used for voice and low-speed data.
District Statistical Officer
Departmental Security Officer. Departmental Security Officer (DSO) is the overall security representative for a department or agency.
See Department Security Officer.
Direct Service Organisation. an organisation which consists of workers directly employed by a local authority to carry out work specified under the Local Government Act 1988.
Direct Support Organization [An organization authorized by statute and the Board of Regents to "support" activities of the universities. Examples of DSO's are: foundations, alumni associations, and athletic associations.
De-institutionalization of Status Offenders
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Distinguished Service Order
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Designated School Official