Definitions for "DSM"
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders produced by the American Psychiatric Association and updated periodically. Defines and standardizes diagnostic categories. The categories used in the DSM are accepted by most official organizations including hospitals, insurance companies and other institutions. Back to the top
See “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.
The diagnostic service manual commonly used in the United States of America. This manual contains the criteria doctors use to diagnose conditions such as Tourette Syndrome. The most recent version is DSM IV-TR. [see ICD
Data Security Management
Deputy Stage Manager
The education of consumers by the utilities on how to manage their electricity demand and load. Can also take the form of energy saving appliances or incentives to consumers to use less electricity at given peak hours.
Stands for Diamond Star Motors. Was the actual business name for what is now Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America, the plant in Normal, Illinois that produces the Eclipse and Galant. This term is most commonly used to refer to specifically the turbocharged 4G63 powered 1st and 2nd Generation Eclipse.
DSM (in full Koninklijke DSM N.V., or Royal DSM N.V.) is a multinational chemicals company. Its headquarters are in Heerlen, the Netherlands.
DS1 Service Module
Dynamic Scattered Mode
Delphi Symbol File or Digital Sound Module Tracker Format Dynamic Studio Music Module
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2-byte parameter of the disk parameter block at DPB + 5. DSM is the maximum data block number supported by the drive. The product BLS times (DSM + 1) is the total number of bytes held by the drive. This must not exceed the capacity of the physical disk less the reserved system tracks.
Division of Student Ministry of the Baptist General Convention of Texas The printed source for the Online Resource Texts which we use in the New and Old Testament classes.
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dry skim milk
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Distinguished Service Medal
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body armor made from dragon scales.
A model of terrain and all significant above-ground features (such as buildings and vegetation) represented in digital form by an elevation grid or lists of three-dimensional coordinates. Also called Canopy data.
See distributed shared memory.
distributed shared memory. Memory that is physically distributed, but is masked by the operating system so that it appears to the user as shared memory with a single address space. Also called virtual shared memory.
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Deep Space Maneuver.
Directorate of Servicing and Maintenance
Dispute settlement mechanism