Definitions for "DSL Modem"
Keywords:  broadband, modem, misnomer, speed, pstn
a device that gives you high-speed access to the Internet via a DSL service running on an existing standard (PSTN) telephone line
a device that is placed at either end of the copper phone line to allow a computer (or LAN) to be connected to the Internet through a DSL connection
a separate and necessary part of the high-speed internet service
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an extremely crude and incorrect term for a DSL Access Device, also known as a DSL Bridge or DSL Router
A common term used for a DSL bridge.
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Keywords:  packets, versa, atm, vice, ethernet
a network device that connects two segments of the same network and simply forwards packets from one segment to the other
Converts ATM cells to Ethernet packets and vice versa in the use of DSL.
Keywords:  pci, port, via, installed, needs
a card that needs to be physically installed into your computer via PCI port
an absolutely necessary piece of DSL hardware