Definitions for "DSL"
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A broadband access technology that allows transmission at bandwidths several times higher than permitted by conventional analog modems.
A broadband Internet access method that sends data over standard phone lines at speeds up to 7 Mbps. DSL is available to subscribers who live within a certain distance of the necessary router.
Similar to a cable modem but uses phone lines.
Difinitive Software Library. The library in which the definitive authorised versions of all software CIs are stored and protected. It is a physical library or storage repository where master copies of software versions are placed. This one logical storage area may in reality consist of one or more physical software libraries or filestores. They should be separate from development and test filestore areas. The DSL may also include a physical store to hold master copies of bought-in software, e.g. a fireproof safe. Only authorised software should be accepted into the DSL, strictly controlled by Change and Release Management. The DSL exists not directly because of the needs of the Configuration Management process, but as a common base for the Release Management and Configuration Management processes.
Definitive Software Library – a secure library where versions of software Cis are controlled
Definitive Software Library. ITIL Terminology. A repository to store authorised software applications. A Tool of the Release Manager.
Deep scattering layer. layer of organisms that move away from the surface at night; the layer scatters or returns vertically directed sound pulses
Deep Scattering Layer. Well-defined horizon in the ocean that reflects sonar; indicating a layer of organisms, usually consisting of fishes, squid, or other larger zooplankton.
Abbreviation for deep scattering layer.
Dipole Source Location. The location corresponding to the centroid of a Dipole Region. This term is typically used to refer to the location in the torso Cartesian space, after the locations in cell space have been transformed by the relevant matrix.
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Democratic Socialist Electoral League
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Former DHFS Division of Supportive Living, merged into Division of Disability and Elder Services (DDES)
Distributed Service Logic
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Direct Shuttle Loading - Use of two submerged turret loading systems for direct loading of oil, eliminating the need for a storage vessel.
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Data Sub Language - a language concerned with database objects and operations. In SQL terms, DSL is a combination of both DDL and DML.
Dialog Specification Language. Provides the dialog layout and interaction for handling application output and input. See gadget.
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Dick Sucking Lips
Desired Sensation Level. A prescriptive approach to hearing aid fitting developed at the University of Western Ontario.
The Uniform Determinate Sentencing Laws which established fixed terms for crimes and removed the element of judicial discretion from sentencing proceedings.
A computer program for reporting geodetic recovery efforts to NOS.
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Division of State Lands
Division of Student Life
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Down stage left: towards the front of the stage on the left-hand side as you look at the audience.
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Domestic Substance List