Definitions for "DSC"
differential scanning calorimetry. Analytical method that independently measures the rate of heat flow to a sample against a reference standard of the same temperature. Data are obtained by monitoring the differential heat flow as a function of temperature. DSC can measure heat capacities, phase transitions, dehydration, and decomposition reactions.
Differential Scanning Calorimetry - Analysis of heat flow in and out of a material as a function of temperature.
Differential Scanning Calorimetry. In DSC the sample and a reference material are heated and cooled in a defined manner. DSC provides a rapid method for the determination of the temperature profile of a polymeric material. This includes e.g. measurement of heat capacity, specific heat, melting, crystallisation and glass transition temperatures, heat (enthalpy) of fusion, crystallization, study of thermal stability or reaction kinetics and in certain cases identification of the polymer or polymer mixture.
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Digital Scene Control
Dynamic Stability Controle
Dynamic Stability Control
Acronym for Document Structuring Conven-tions, a set of organizational and commenting conventions for PostScript files designed to provide a standard order and format for information so applications that process PostScript, such as Imation PressWise(TM), can easily find information about a document's structure and imaging requirements. These conventions allow specially formatted PostScript comments to be added to the page description; applications can search for these comments, but PostScript interpreters usually ignore them. Imation TrapWise(TM) requires that the PostScript in incoming files is formatted using conventional DSC comments, so certain functions may not work if the file is not DSC-conforming.
Digital Selective Calling
Serial digital video interface format where component Y, Cr, Cb signals are transmitted at 270 Mbit/s or 360 Mbit/s rate.
See Digital Cross-Connect System Functionality.
The British Library Document Supply Centre
Defense Supply Center
Document Supply Centre. The office in SPICe that provides MSPs, their staff and Parliament staff with copies of parliamentary papers and other official documents they need for their parliamentary duties. The service provided by this office is similar to that of the Vote Office in the House of Commons and the Printed Paper Office in the House of Lords.
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NWTS Data and Statistical Center located in Seattle, Washington.
Deferred Sales Charge. A sales fee you pay when you sell units of a mutual fund. It's a percentage applied to the units withdrawal value. The percentage you pay is usually based on a 6-7 year sliding scale that starts out high (about 6%) in year one and declines to zero in the 6th or 7th year.
A fee charged when you sell DSC-class fund shares. Also known as a back-end load, these deferred charges typically go down each year you hold the fund, until eventually they reach zero. Deferred sales charges give investors a way to avoid sales charges altogether if the fund is held for several years.
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igital elective alling.
Dickinson State College; called Dickinson State University since 1999.
Doctor of Science. Higher doctorate qualification.
see 'Doctor of Science'.
Deputy Sector Commander
Direct Support Command
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colon, descending
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Database Systems Corp.
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Division Safety Coordinator
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Distinguished Service Cross
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Directory of Social Change
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debt service coverage