Definitions for "Drypoint"
intaglio technique in which a sharp point is used to incise a line into a metal plate; the line holds ink, as does the resultant burr yielding a soft, smoky tone. lithography: technique in which the image areas on a lithographic stone or metal plate are chemically treated to accept ink and repel water, while the non-image areas repel ink and accept water. soft ground: a plate-making method in which a tacky, acid-resistant ground is applied, then drawn or pressed into, revealing areas of metal that may be etched with acid.
An intaglio printing process in which lines are drawn on a metal plate with a stylus rather than etched by acid. The stylus raises a burr along the incised line creating velvety effects.
An intaglio process by which the marks are scratched directly into the copper, zinc, or steel plate with a sharp steel point. The burr that is thrown up on either side of the line catches and holds extra ink, which produces a rich tone. The plate usually produces only twenty or thirty good impressions, for the burr is fragile The printer's skill is an important component in the quality of the print. See steel facing.
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