Definitions for "Drying"
Adapted or tending to exhaust moisture; as, a drying wind or day; a drying room.
The removal of moisture and other liquids by evaporation.
The act of changing from a liquid film to a solid film by the evaporation of solvents, oxidation, polymerization or by a combination of these phenomena.
Next to salting, drying is the commonest way of preserving food in China . It is more difficult than salting, since you must hope the thing will dry before it spoils. You get your dried things in Chinatown. Starting A Catering Business - Are you passionate about parties? Do you live to cook? Now you can realize your dream by Starting a Catering Business! We offer a complete business package to help you easily and quickly start your own profitable home-based catering business". The Starting a Catering Business Start-Up Guide Kit(tm) is a step-by-step guide which provides a collection of valuable sound advice and practical guidance for starting your own successful catering business.
A process where meat was sun-dried in long strips called jerky. The meat was hung on a wooden rack in a sunny place. After several days it was leather dry and ready for storage.
Kuivatus Torkning Paper (board, cardboard) drying. Dewaters the web enough to make the dry matter content of paper about 90…97%. Newsprint is usually dried using the cylinder drying method.
Makes the raw hide or skin unappetising to bacteria. Dry skins keep indefinitely
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Having the quality of rapidly becoming dry.
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See firing.