Definitions for "dropped"
Keywords:  waistline, album, basque, funk, hip
Similar to the basque in that the waistline begins several inches below the hips but does not have a U or V shape
A waistline that is sewn below the body’s natural waistline.
Dropped is a 1993 album by Mind Funk.
Keywords:  foaled, see
See foaled.
Keywords:  born, unborn, mammal, animal, opposite
born; -- used of an animal. Opposite of unborn.
(used of a mammal) born
Keywords:  pursue, decided, passage, bill, author
Author has decided not to pursue the passage of the bill.
Keywords:  verb, general
verb खस्नु general
Keywords:  rider, behind, left, passed, another
When a rider has been passed by another, or left behind.