Definitions for "Dropouts"
Keywords:  fork, axle, bike, slots, rear
The dropouts are the slots in the forks and the rear triangle where the wheel axles attach.
Small, slotted openings which hold the front and rear wheel axels. On many bikes the dropouts do not appear to be separate parts. They are merely the openings at the ends of two other frame sections; the seat stays and the front fork.
the U-shaped slots that accept the wheel axle.
Those black or white streaks, spots, and comets zipping across the screen. We count as dropouts any loss of playback signal that is 20 decibels or more below the nominal playback level (16 decibels for extra high-grade and 8mm tapes) and lasting for 15 microseconds or longer (about one quarter of one horizontal scan on the TV screen).
Calculated two ways: (1) Number of students who were enrolled in the 8th grade but were not enrolled in the 12th grade 4 years later. Enrollment is based on average daily attendance for the school year; (2) 8th to graduation. The 1st calculation provides breakout of race and gender data; second is available only for all students.
Students in grades 7-12 who leave school before graduation and do not transfer to another school are considered dropouts. Dropout information is reported for any school with a grade 7 or higher.
Keywords:  videotape, flaws, missing, medium, film
In film post-production, the missing bits of picture or sound information, usually caused by flaws in the medium being used (for example, videotape).
The sudden loss of a digital signal, consequently cutting off the person who is speaking using an Internet phone application. Dropouts are usually caused by incorrect audio settings.
That which cannot be copied or reproduced, especially ink colors that will not print on photographic plate. It also refers to color not sensed by optical reading devices.