Definitions for "Drivers"
Software that enables communication between the graphics processor and the rest of the PC. Software drivers are frequently updated to improve performance, quality, and enable new features. Be sure to download the latest drivers as they come become available. NVIDIA is the only graphics company to offer a Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) that works with all NVIDIA GPUs.
Little pieces of software that your computer uses to talk to an added component, like a printer, modem, CD drive, and some monitors. If the driver is not present, the component won't work. Your computer may not even know the component is plugged in unless the driver is correctly installed.
Software that instructs the computer on how to talk with its specific peripheral components, such as scanners, drivers and printers.
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The upper pins in a pin tumbler cylinder.
Usually the upper of each pair of pin tumblers in the cylinder mechanism. The lower are known as pins.
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Morgan Freeman. Aluminum Drivers – see Bicentennial Man – or don't. It kinda sucked.
They are the functional concepts that define the evolution of a given reality. They can be assimilated to the strange attractors defined by the theory of chaos.
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There are numerous JDBC drivers available. Some are 100% pure Java; others a mixture of Java and native code to connect to, say, existing ODBC data sources. An overview of JDBC drivers is available at Javasoft
Those fearless folks who drive you to your appointed destination. Sit down, shut up, and hang on! The driver takes you to the put-in.
Those features of a business which enable it to grow; or more generally, any feature of a business which causes another feature to change.
the dry mix of ordinary Portland cement and sand used to extract surplus water when forming moulded features in this material.
(For general liability coverage only), employees with the sole responsibility of driving may often be excluded from chargeable payroll if their wages are shown separately. However, employees who perform other duties besides driving must be placed in the highest rated class describing their duties.
a set of diagnostic tools that traces the creation of EVA to individual financial and non-financial performance variables and helps managers throughout the company to appreciate how they can influence value
Field players who specialize in driving skills and quick shooting techniques. Drivers must be extremely fast swimmers and have above average, hand-eye coordination.
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The large wheels on a steam locomotive connected by side rods.
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Driver and Vehicle Registration System
Code used to attach to the database and manage the interactions.