Definitions for "DrivEN"
Driven is Orphanage's fifth album, released in April 2004 by Nuclear Blast records. The CD features 14 tracks that have been recorded at Studio Moskou in Utrecht and was mixed and mastered at Studio Double Noise in Tilburg.
compelled forcibly by an outside agency; "mobs goaded by blind hatred"
motivated by a compulsive quality or need
strongly motivated to succeed
Keywords:  impelled, urged, moral, felt, guns
Form of sport in which game birds are flushed over the standing Guns
urged or forced to action through moral pressure; "felt impelled to take a stand against the issue"
Keywords:  adj
of Drive. Also adj.
Keywords:  nic, stick, driver, configuration, read
We plan to make a system which would read the configuration of a NIC in some language defined by us. The system would them generate the driver code for that NIC. Currently we plan to stick to just one family of NIC.