Definitions for "Dream Interpretation"
Dreams are a symbolic language. Psychologists, scholars and Psychics agree that dreams are a gateway to the subconscious mind - a way to receive guidance and spiritual instruction. The art of Dream Interpretation is deciphering and determining the meaning of the symbolic content of dreams. This insightful art form dates back to 3000-4000 B.C., when the meaning of dreams were documented in clay tablets. In many cultures, such as the Native American’s and Aborigine’s, dreams are the soul’s journey to another world. Psychics who interpret dreams assess themes and symbols in your dreams to help you understand how you are subconsciously feeling about or reacting to a current situation in your life. To prepare for Dream Interpretation, our Psychics recommend keeping paper and a pencil by your bedside. When you awake from a dream, note the details. The more details remembered about the dream, the better. Click here to meet Psychic Source's Dream Interpreters.
The analysis of the deep psychic and psychological meanings of the dreams can lend an insight to the issues that one is facing at the moment.
The process of discovering how the mystery and confusion of one's "dreams" can have a meaning for waking life. The therapist's role is to help a person along in this process, especially by explaining how "symbols" operate in dreams.
a story about a story, and it is interesting to see how one person's personal story opens up another person's relationship to a dream
a very personal thing