Definitions for "Drawings"
Illustrations explaining an invention contained in the structure of a patent application.(FR:Dessins)
Drawings are illustrations explaining an invention contained in the specification of a patent application.
Part of the patent application. Technical drawings that illustrate the invention.
is money a sole trader or partner withdraws from the business.
A decrease to owner's equity resulting from the owner's withdrawal of assets for personal use or personal income.
The money that you take out of a business to either live on and/or pay any personal expenses. Drawings are part of the net profit and not a business expense.
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Trent produces highly detailed General Arrangement drawings through which the design development of projects is agreed. GA's are issued to the project team for information exchange and approval.Shop drawings (we call them unit details) are internal production documents.
1. Part of the project documents put in place by the owner and/ or design professionals which, in combination with written specifications, define the scope, quality assurance, requirements, submittals, field dimensions, product handling, and product specifications to the woodworker. 2. Shop drawings are detailed engineering drawings produced by the woodworker for the fabrication of the architectural woodwork products, and often submitted to the owner and/or design professional for approval.
Drawings (or photographs) disclose the industrial design and are a basic requirement of a design application.
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Borrowings from the IMF reserves are sometimes referred to as drawings. See also Special Drawing Rights. Français: Tirages Español: Préstamo
Graphic representations showing the relationships, geometry and dimensions of the elements of the work.
Pictorial representations that emphasize key features of an object. There are many variations including line drawings, three-dimensional drawings and exploding drawing.
A graphic representation of the project.
refers to the random selection of winning numbers. For example, POWERBALL® drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m.
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eBay category that includes antique, modern, and contemporary drawings in various media such as pencil, pen/ink, charcoal, pastel.
Produced by the animators. Key animators draw the most important poses in a sequence and assistant animators called inbetweeners fill in the rest.
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Drawplate Dry Foot
Separate presentations of documents under a letter of credit.