Definitions for "drawdown"
In hydrologic terms, the lowering of the surface elevation of a body of water, the water surface of a well, the water table, or the piezometric surface adjacent to the well, resulting from the withdrawl of water therefrom.
The vertical distance groundwater elevation is lowered, or the amount head is reduced, due to the removal of groundwater. Also the decline in potentiometric surface caused by the withdrawal of water from a hydrogeologic unit. The distance between the static water level and the surface of the cone of depression. A lowering of the water table of an unconfined aquifer or the potentiometric surface of a confined aquifer caused by pumping of groundwater from wells.
The distance that the water level in the well is lowered by pumping. It is the difference between the static water level and the pumping level.
Reduction in account equity from a trade or series of trades.
The size of a drop in the value of an account from its peak to its low.
The length of time that a trader's equity remains below its all time high. Alternately, the percentage of the all time high in equity lost in an unprofitable period.
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A film of ink deposited on paper by a smooth-edge blade to evaluate the undertone and masstone of the ink.
the application of a thin film of ink using a spatula or blade to measure the ink's color shade and characteristics.
A swatch of color or coating used for testing. It's done by spreading a couple of droplets of ink or varnish across a sheet of stock.
Drawing down funds made available from financial institutions. It can include credits from the International Monetary Fund, Eurocredits from banks or a corporate use of credit granted by a domestic bank.
When investors commit themselves to back a venture, all the funding may not be needed at once. Some is 'drawn down' later.
Process whereby a state requests and receives federal funds.
see Unsecured Pension.
Income drawdown pension plans allow people to defer buying an annuity when they retire and instead draw an income directly from the fund. Earnings Amount of profit available to ordinary shareholders - profit after all operating expenses, interest charges, taxes and dividends on preference stock, but excluding extraordinary items. It is often expressed as earnings per share: the year's earnings divided by the number of ordinary shares. In the UK, do not confuse with profit (In the U.S. earnings is often used interchangeably with profit.)
Income drawdown is the name given to a scheme whereby an individual with a personal pension or stakeholder pension scheme takes out an amount from time to time (usually monthly) to provide them with some income. The Government imposes certain restrictions on the way people can drawdown from a pension scheme.
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see dewatering
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In extrusion, the process of pulling the extrudate away from the die at a linear speed higher than that at which the melt is emerging from the die, thus reducing the cross-sectional dimensions of the extrudate.
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a loss taken within a defined strategy
a nice word for a loss
a run of cumulative losses (three in
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The the act, process, or result of depleting, as in the drawdown of oil reserves.
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Drawing made by a borrower under a loan facility. Used as both a noun and a verb.
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Money taken from a loan account, usually referring to a line of credit account where you have a preset limit and you draw a portion of it.
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See Maximum Drawdown.