Definitions for "Drawbar"
Keywords:  tractor, tow, bar, tender, rear
An openmouthed bar at the end of a car, which receives a coupling link and pin by which the car is drawn. It is usually provided with a spring to give elasticity to the connection between the cars of a train.
A bar of iron with an eye at each end, or a heavy link, for coupling a locomotive to a tender or car.
A fixed or hinged tow bar extending out the rear of a tractor.
Keywords:  ballmount, see
See Ballmount
Keywords:  artic, cab, hauling, trailer, trucks
(Trucks that have a rigid front unit with a 'drawbar' trailer pulled behind. This should not be confused with Artic which consists of a cab unit hauling a semi-trailer.)
Keywords:  overtones, slider, adds, sound, special
A special organ slider that adds specific overtones to the sound being produced.
Keywords:  spindle, taper, rod, retains, goes
Retains something in the taper socket by means of a threaded rod which goes through the hole in the spindle.