Definitions for "dragging"
Keywords:  brush, bristled, stripes, glaze, comb
a paint effect producing fine stripes in the surface, created by dragging a dry brush or stiff comb through the glaze
Finish acieved by first applying glaze and then removing some of it with a metal graining comb, dry brush or feather.
Pulling a wide, long-bristled brush through wet glaze to achieve a subtle mixture of fine stripes.
painfully or tediously slow and boring; as, the dragging minutes.
marked by a painfully slow and effortful manner; "it was a strange dragging approach"; "years of dragging war"
passing painfully or tediously slowly; "the dragging minutes"
Keywords:  mouse, pointer, button, anchor, robolab
An anchor moving over the sea bottom involuntarily because it is no longer preventing the movement of the vessel.
pressing the mouse button on the computer, and, while holding it down, moving the mouse to a different area of the screen as done in the ROBOLAB "Mindstorms for Schools" software
Clicking the mouse and, without letting go, moving its pointer to another part of the document. In this way you can select specific pieces of text which can then be copied and pasted in another document, or deleted, or moved by using a drag and drop motion.
Keywords:  pdr, vicinity, tip, tool, beginning
A beginning PDR technique used to locate the general vicinity of a PDR tool tip
Keywords:  cheating, wagering, dealt, chips, spot
To reduce the amount of chips in the wagering spot. This can be done legally before the cards are dealt, otherwise it is considered cheating.
The act of placing a cigarette between (and sealing) ones lips and causing smoke to be drawn from the filter into the mouth.
Keywords:  boat, fishing, behind, net, pulled
method of fishing in which a net is pulled behind the boat.