Definitions for "Dpi"
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Dots Per Inch. A measure of the resolution of a device. The higher the number, the sharper the type and images.
Acronym for ots er nch. A measure of the density of printer output. A quality indicator that ranges from dot-matrix printers (72-140 dpi) to typesetting (1000+ dpi). See RESOLUTION.
Dots per inch; the number of tiny dots filling up one linear inch of space.
A small portable device that delivers inhaled asthma medicine in the form of a very small fine dry powder. There are several different types of DPIs.
Dry Powder Inhaler Dry Powder Inhaler a device that contains a drug in dry powder form, and which when breath actuated, converts it into an aerosol cloud for inhalation
Stands for "dry powder inhaler". This is a variety of device that provides a new way of taking inhaled medicine. The propellants used in regular metered dose inhalers can be bad for the environment. For this reason, drug companies are in the process of switching over to DPI's, which do not use a propellant at all. The medicine is in the form of a very fine powder, which is easily inhaled without the use of an aerosol spray device. There are advantages for patients, too.
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De Propiedad Intelectual
Droits de la Propriété Intellectuelle - Voyez également Le glossaire de la P.I.
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction ( address book)
The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction advances the cause of public education and public libraries in the state.
Department of Public Instruction, go to North Dakota DPI on the web
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Dalit Panthers of India.
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Stands for ots er nch.
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Dubai Ports International
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Data Compression Deboss
Direct Phone Interface. One of the telephone interconnect interfaces for the CentraCom consoles.
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This is an instruction file in Text format (*.dpi extension) that contains pointers to the source files and processing instructions that Express will follow. Job Tickets are created by your workflow (an application or script) and deposited in a folder watched by Express. See also XML Job Ticket.
Graphic Design , Photography , Web Design DRM Web Design , Communications
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Refractive Index
disposable personal income. personal income minus personal taxes
Department of Public Information MAI Multi-Lateral Agreement on Investment
Department of Primary Industries
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Department of Primary Industry
Disabled Peoples' International