Definitions for "Down to Earth"
Down To Earth is the fourth studio LP released by Rainbow, released in 1979 (see 1979 in music). Most of the album had been already written and recorded by the time Bonnet was recruited. Lyrics were by Glover, music by Blackmore, Airey and Powell.
Down to Earth is a film starring Chris Rock and is about a comedian, Lance (Rock), who is killed before his time. He is given another chance in the body of a rich man. It is a remake of Heaven Can Wait (1978) which, in turn, was a remake of a 1941 film Here Comes Mr.
Down to Earth is an album by Ozzy Osbourne, released on October 16, 2001 (see 2001 in music). It was the long awaited follow-up to his 1995 studio release Ozzmosis. It was also an Enhanced CD.