Definitions for "Dowel"
Keywords:  peg, headless, wooden, pin, cylindrical
A pin, or block, of wood or metal, fitting into holes in the abutting portions of two pieces, and being partly in one piece and partly in the other, to keep them in their proper relative position.
A piece of wood driven into a wall, so that other pieces may be nailed to it.
To fasten together by dowels; to furnish with dowels; as, a cooper dowels pieces for the head of a cask.
An untensioned rock bolt, anchored by full column or point anchor grouting, generally with a face plate in contact with the rock surface.
a mechanical anchoring technique consisting of a steel rod anchored into a structural member on one end and inserted into a pre-drilled cavity in cast stone on the other.
Keywords:  precast, cladding, restrain, bar, panel
A simple fixing device for precast panels - a dowel bar may be used in cladding designs to restrain the bottom of a panel.
Keywords:  felloe, ends, connect, one
Used to connect the ends of one felloe to the next.