Definitions for "Dovetail"
A flaring tenon, or tongue (shaped like a bird's tail spread), and a mortise, or socket, into which it fits tightly, making an interlocking joint between two pieces which resists pulling a part in all directions except one.
To join by means of dovetails.
To fit in or connect strongly, skillfully, or nicely; to fit ingeniously or complexly.
To cut to a dovetail.
a slot with sloping sides that is cut to match a protruding part
A chip where the body consists of two colors, divided down the middle, and one of the colors protrudes into the other in shape of carpenter's dovetail.
Dovetail is a development toolkit for building database-backed websites in Java. It is specifically designed to address some serious problems which arise in trying to build a reliable, testable website with server-side Java and a relational database.