Definitions for "Dosa"
Keywords:  crepe, lentil, urad, masala, pancake
a South Indian dish.
A crisp crepe made from fermented ground rice and urad dal batter. (the latter is a type of bean widely used in Indian cooking). It is usually served filled with a spicy mashed potato mixture, in which case it is called masala dosa. Originally from South India, but now popular all over India.
a thin crepe made from a lentil or rice batter
Keywords:  aversion
moral offence, sin; contravening the unwritten laws of Tuhan (God).
Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative. An alternative treatment oriented sentence for offenders convicted of the Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act (VUCSA) or solicitation to commit VUCSA or those offenders the court finds a chemical dependency has contributed to their offense
Keywords:  twilight, defect
defect]; twilight.
Keywords:  kihon, basic, movements, commonly
Basic movements. More commonly kihon-dosa.
fault, deficiency, that which contaminates.
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An exercise.
Keywords:  great, start, day, way
a great way to start the day
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