Definitions for "Dongle"
Keywords:  usb, dangles, port, pcmcia, hardware
The slang term for an external hardware device with some memory inside it that attaches to your computer and dangles off of it (thus the term dongle)....
1) The receiver from the DVD kit that plugs into the controller ports on the console 2) The piece of the controller breakaway cable that plugs directly into the Xbox
A plug-in device that connects to a USB port on your computer, enabling it to use Bluetooth.
a plastic-encased, thumb-sized EPROM chip, which affords perhaps the best measure of copyright protection
This funny-sounding computer term has two widely different definitions that are ...
a way to transfer the DocShuttle program onto another computer by using your registration number, etc
Keywords:  piracy, anti, tool, simple
a simple anti piracy tool
Keywords:  bluetooth, see
See Bluetooth dongle.
Keywords:  workstation, security, module, key
a security module
A workstation security key.
Keywords:  key, authorization, see
See Authorization Key.