Definitions for "Domino"
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A kind of hood worn by the canons of a cathedral church; a sort of amice.
A mourning veil formerly worn by women.
A kind of mask; particularly, a half mask worn at masquerades, to conceal the upper part of the face. Dominos were formerly worn by ladies in traveling.
A game played by two or more persons, with twenty-eight pieces of wood, bone, or ivory, of a flat, oblong shape, plain at the back, but on the face divided by a line in the middle, and either left blank or variously dotted after the manner of dice. The game is played by matching the spots or the blank of an unmatched half of a domino already played
One of the pieces with which the game of dominoes is played.
A bone or tile used in a game of dominoes is commonly called a "domino". To "domino" also means to play the last tile in your hand, which typically ends a game or hand.
British equipment used to counter the German Y-Beam (Y-Gerat) bombing system
Domino is a 1998 album by the British New Wave group Squeeze. It is the band's twelfth and final studio album. After a career struggling with various major labels, the band decided to record and release Domino independently, on Glenn Tilbrook's own Quixotic Records.
Mark Benson is a British professional wrestler who is best known by his ring name Domino. Domino competes mainly in the United Kingdom's independent circuit, most notably for Brian Dixon's All Star Wrestling promotion.
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Domino (Neena Thurman) is a Marvel Comics character, best known as a member of the X-Men offshoot X-Force. Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist/co-writer Rob Liefeld, she first fully appeared in X-Force #11 (June 1992).
Domino is a 2005 American film based loosely on the true story of Domino Harvey, the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey and model Paulene Stone, who in spite of her privileged background, decided to become a bounty hunter. The film is not a conventional biopic, being for the most part a thriller which follows the theft of $10 million from an armored truck. The film is dedicated to Harvey, who died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl on June 27th 2005, before the film was released.
Damian Siguenza, known by his stage name, Domino, is a hip-hop producer who is part of the underground hip hop collective, the Hieroglyphics. He is a founding member and primary organizer for the crew which includes Souls of Mischief, Pep Love, Casual, and was founded by Del tha Funkee Homosapien.
United States rhythm and blues pianist and singer and composer (born in 1928)
Domino (born Ron) was a pornographic actor (porn star) who appeared in gay pornographic movies and magazines in the 1990s. He performed in the bottom role. He was popular with fans of gay porn for his smooth body and dark, handsome good looks.
In 2005, Condé Nast Publications premiered Domino magazine, for the woman who “wants to have fun on the never-ending search for items for her home.” Domino is targeted to women, median age of 35.4 and median household income of $77,679.
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To kill; to knock out.
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Two congruent squares joined along an edge.
Domino (1891-1897) was a 19th century American thoroughbred race horse.
A Lotus (an IBM company) family of servers for messaging, security, systems management, and data distribution and replication across the Internet.
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a directed graph of two nodes colored with a fixed (independent of the proof size) set of colors
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A person wearing a domino.