Definitions for "Dominated Hand"
Keywords:  strange, flop, lose, better, win
Hands hat will always loose to a better hand.
When a better hand contain one of your cards, AJ-A4, hard to win.
A hand that is extremely unlikely to win against another specific hand, even though it may not be a poor hand in its own right. Most commonly used in Texas Hold' em. A hand like A-Q, for example, is a good hand in general but is dominated by A-K, because whenever the former makes a good hand, the latter is likely to make a better one. A hand like 7-8 is a poor hand in general, but is not dominated by A-K because it makes different kinds of hands.
A circumstance where two or more players remain in the pot and one has a massive statistical advantage. Examples would include QQ versus 44, or AK versus A9