Definitions for "dominated"
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In holdem poker, a hand that is similar to another hand but has a lower kicker, is a "dominated" hand. If you hold K8 and your opponent had KQ, your hand is dominated buy the higher kicker. You need to draw the 8 because the K won't make your hand better against your opponent. Your hand can also be dominated if your hand has far less outs than your opponent.
An Ace Queen dominates an Ace Jack because the kicker card is higher.
Starting hands that are so strong they will ususally beat other hands
() ( Silvic.). Applied to a tree that has its crown somewhat below the level reached by its dominant neighbours. See Tree classes, Appendix II. () ( Ecol.). Applied to all forms of plants occupying a subordinate position with reference to dominant plants in the same community. ( BCFT modf). See Sub-dominant.
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harassed by persistent nagging
Dominated means that an invention is covered by one or more claims in a patent.
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controlled by one's wife; -- of men.
controlled or ruled by superior authority or power.