Definitions for "Dominant"
Ruling; governing; prevailing; controlling; predominant; as, the dominant party, church, spirit, power.
A genetic trait that is expressed even if only one gene in the pair code for it; it will "override" a gene that codes for a recessive trait.
a trait that is apparent even when the gene for that disorder is inherited from only one parent. See autosomal dominant disorder, recessive, gene.
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The fifth tone of the scale; thus G is the dominant of C, A of D, and so on.
(1) The fifth degree of the diatonic scale. (2) the triad built on this degree; (3) the key oriented around this degree.
the note or chord on the fifth degree of a diatonic scale. Often notated with the “V” Roman numeral.
A person that enjoys to dominate someone. Dom, Master, or Top are other names for a male dominant. Domme, Domina, Dominatrix, Mistress, or Top are used for female dominants
(Also dom, domme, domina and dominatrix -- the last three are female only). The person who wants to be the controlling partner or aggressor in sexual relations. (It can also be used as a descriptor: "I am dominant in the bedroom.") If the person has mentioned a D/s relationship or says they like it "kinky," it can mean playing the role of "Master" or Mistress" to the partner's "slave" or "servant." If someone says point blank, "I'm a dom (or domme)," they mean this type of role play, added, most likely, to elements like bondage, pain, and other goodies. Again, clarify.
In a relationship, usually the alto.
see Hierarchy
() ( Silvic.). A tree forming part of the dominant tree class. See Tree classes, Appendix II. () ( Ecol.). That constituent of plant community which exerts the greatest influence on its character. () ( Genl.). A species of the upper canopy. ( BCFT).
More prevalent than any other species and determines the appearance and composition of the community.
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A dominant crown is one where the area occupied by the tree crowns of the upper stratum occupies over 50% of the total crown cover of the stand. Forestry Victoria
Trees with crowns extending above the general level of the canopy, receiving full sunlight form above, and partly from the sides (see crown classes).
A plant, usually a tree, that becomes the largest and most common in an area over time. Trees such as oaks, hickories, and elms will eventually take over a forest in a particular area.
The aroma or flavor in question outweighs everything else in the wine. Not usually a favorable description; inimical to "balance."
The aroma or flavour in question outweighs everything else in the wine. Not usually a favourable description; opposed to 'balance.'
A person who prefers to assume the powerful role in sadomasochistic (SM) play. Also known as a "top."
(dom.) Taking a leading role in sexual situations, leading the scene. Those who are dominant often take the initiative, and are often top in sexual positions.
Also known as a top. A person who prefers to assume the proactive role in sadomasochistic (SM) play.
Adjective used to describe one who exercises control, influence or guidance over someone else. Does not describe the actions per se, rather is used as an adjective of distinguishment.
Men or women in control of a submissive partner
exercising influence or control; "television plays a dominant role in molding public opinion"; "the dominant partner in the marriage"
animals tend to lead a group of animals. For example, a group of chimpanzees is led by a dominant male, who ensures the group behaves and the protection of the groups territory. Dorsal fin is the fin on the back of a fish or whale, porpoise or dolphin. They may be tiny on a goldifsh or may reach 2m high on an orca.
an animal gets its own way
a dominant firm is one that is able to act largely independently of its competitors and customers in terms of pricing or output decisions. Dominance has to be assessed in the context of an analysis of the degree of competition within a relevant market.
Under UK and EU law, businesses which are in a dominant position in a particular market must be careful to avoid accusations that they are abusing that dominant position. "Dominant" under EU law (Article 86 of the Treaty of Rome) means being able to act without having to consider competitors and customers. Under UK laws such consideration may apply where more than 25% of a market is controlled and group turnover is over ?5 million. Market is a complex subject and defining what the market is in any particular case depends on issues such as consumer choice, product use and other considerations. "Abuse" is non-exhaustively defined under EU law to cover unfair terms, limitations, discriminatory terms, tie-ins and refusals to supply. Similar practices are likely to fall foul of UK law.
dormancy dye E. coli electrophoresis endoplasmic reticulum
The Dominants or Homo Dominants are a fictional splinter group of humanity that appear in the short-lived science fiction television series Prey.
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a ruler, but never a tyrant
The most perceptible olfactory note in a composition.
A part of a composition appears more important that other parts.
The area of a work which has greatest visual impact, achieved through color, size, shape or texture. See the Composition and Design Forum.
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a principal /default email account used to perform filter actions like round robin forwarding, sending auto responses etc, when you don't specify which personality settings should to be used in Web Response Grabber
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See autosomal dominant or X-linked dominant.
One who enjoys controlling another person by deciding what happens and when.
a person who exercises the power to take control of a person or situation through usage of some means (such as physical, mental, financial, etc
Ruling or controlling. The cerebral hemisphere that controls speech formation is referred to as the dominant hemisphere.
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the leader of a group. This is usually the strongest one.
a person of any race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, etc
When a text is read by the audience in a way that is intended by the creators of the text.
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show HIDE An element on the spread that is most prominent.
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"Dominant" means that one parent must HAVE IT to pass it on to offspring.
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A dominant plant is one of the plants that occupies the most space in an area.