Definitions for "Domestication"
Keywords:  tames, wild, intimate, propagate, human
The act of domesticating, or accustoming to home; the action of taming wild animals.
The collection from the wild state and the use in agriculture of plants having desirable traits.
the process by which people try to control the reproductive rates of animals and plants by ordering the environment in such a way as to favor certain species.
(1) Captivity (e.g. being reared in a hatchery) (2) the genetic, physiological or bevahioral changes that may occur in captivity
The process of an out of state company qualifying to do business in another state. The company usually obtains certification from its domicile state that it is current and in good standing. It then files these documents with an application to do business with the other state's regulatory agency.
accommodation to domestic life; "her explorer husband resisted all her attempts at domestication"
The act of changing the home state of an entity from one jurisdiction to another, preserving the original date of formation.
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the attribute of having been domesticated