Definitions for "doll"
Keywords:  toy, friend, loveable, huggable, cyborg
a small, usually flexible figure representing a human being, especially a toy baby for a little girl; a child's puppet.
There are many, many varieties of dolls out there. Primarily, all toys that are created in a "human form," whether they be paper, mechanical, cloth or celluloid, are classified as dolls.
a small replica of a person; used as a toy
The personification of material. Material is anything you can see. (elinor peace baily, 1989)
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Doll, released in 2005, was SAYAKA's first and only album to date. It comes with a slip cover and a booklet with many moody pictures of SAYAKA.
a special trinket depicting one of the sixteen present Ocean Masters
's Eye Maneuver: an eye movement reflex present in newborn babies that allows the eyes to remain focused forward when his/her head is turned in any direction. This reflex, which involves eye movements equal and opposite to the direction of head movement, is directed by the baby's brainstem.
Keywords:  parody, dialog, shopping, channel, real
a parody of the Home Shopping Network using real dialog from the channel
an attractive woman or girl.
a little girl's plaything
Keywords:  effigy, wish, whom, person, you
an effigy of the person upon whom you wish to use it
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Parts: Doll Stands Hats Mini Curl Hair
Keywords:  think, thing
a thing we think with
Keywords:  pixels, dots, drawing, small, computer
a drawing you make on the computer using pixels , (like small dots)
Keywords:  art, work
a work of art
Keywords:  young, woman, informal, terms
informal terms for a (young) woman