Definitions for "dogs"
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barriers that restrict horses' access to the racing surface during training; used mostly on the turf course.
Wooden barrier (or rubber traffic cones) placed a certain distance out from the inner rail, to protect the inner part of the track (usually the turf course) from traffic during workouts to save it for racing.
Rubber cones placed away from the inner rail on the turf course during morning workouts in order to prevent wear and tear of the main portion of course; also sometimes used on dirt tracks when they are muddy or sloppy.
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Pointed teeth located between the chainsaw bar and motor. Used in falling or bucking to pivot saw and to maintain position while cutting.
Metal spikes mounted on a chain saw near the guide bar designed to stabilize and support the chain saw during felling and bucking. Medium size saws will usually have an inside dog while larger saws will have an inside and an outside set of dogs. Chain saw dogs stabilize the chain saw increasing the sawyer's efficiency in felling and bucking operations.
A metal plate containing 3 to 5 points or fingers which are located in front of the chain saw protruding parallel with the bar. Dogs allow the saw to be pivoted while falling or bucking.
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Dogs are a post-punk-influenced rock band from London consisting of Johnny Cooke (vocals), Luciano Vargas (vocals, guitar), Rikka Mehta (guitar), Duncan Timms (bass) and Rich Mitchell (drums).
"Dogs" is a song by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd. It was released on the album Animals in 1977.
Dogs is the first album by American singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia. It was originally released in 2000 by Socialist Records and re-released in 2004 by Touch and Go Records.
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DOGS est un projet d'ordinateur console de jeuc libre. Ceci sont les source des programmes en GPL. site du projet :
Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, and other dogs were used in World War II to search out the enemy hiding in the bush, detect mines and booby traps, alert troops in foxholes at night to approaching enemy, and to carry messages, ammunition and medical supplies. See this personal recollection of the leader of a Marine Corps War Dog Platoon.
used to clamp two pieces of steel rope together. The size of the dogs used has to be correct for the diameter of the rope being clamped.
The clamps or fixing pieces found on the face plate of the mandrel, uprighting tool, etc. ( see mandrel)
Derrogatory term for disliked busker(s)
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One answer to “what animals go to sea with submarines?” Banana-shaped pieces of metal that act as clasps to keep a hatch shut.
in the BCG matrix, the strategic business units that are in low-growth industries and have low market share. p. 351
Products that demonstrate low growth and low market share.
Products that have a subordinate share of the market and low prospects for growth. p. 672
A colloquial term for a company's business units that are not sources of cash, usually because they have a small market share of a business that is not growing. If they have loyal customers, they may be profitable.
A matchcover category featuring pictures, drawings, or photos of dogs.
Are underperforming assets or those securities which are out-of-favor. Frequently, the term refers to stocks or other financial positions.
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Pointed metal tool used to hold a log in place for cutting.
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human feet
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Men as in … all men are dogs. .