Definitions for "Dogleg"
Keywords:  fairway, wellbore, bend, golf, tee
When a fairway has a curve to the left or the right. Slice and hook shots may be useful if you master them.
A bend in a fairway.
A hole with a fairway which bends sharply to the right or left.
Keywords:  stair, stairwell, flight, doubles, half
a flight of stairs which doubles back on itself.
A stair with two flights separated by a half landing, and having no stairwell.
Keywords:  windshields, hind, angle, mid, photo
angle that resembles the hind leg of a dog
popular name applied to the angle created at the door opening by the wrap-around windshields found on many mid to late '50's models. Photo
Keywords:  directional, change
Directional change.