Definitions for "Dod"
'Depth of Discharge,' from 100-percent state of charge (SOC), in a battery or battery system.[to top
Date of discharge
Depth of discharge. the amount of energy (expressed in percentage of its rated capacity) withdrawn from a battery, a battery bank or a cell.
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Direct Outward Dialing; The ability to dial out directly without having to go through the operator.
Direct Outward Dialing; the reverse of DID: an extension user dials out without switchboard assistance.
Direct Out Dial
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Drop on Demand. An inkjet technology describing ink ejected from an orifice drop by drop as it is required to form the image. There are two technologies Thermal Bubble Jet and Piezo-electric (q.v.).
Drop on Demand. The term is generally used to indicate a valve jet type of printing process in which electromechanical valves open and ink is sprayed onto a substrate. On occasion, improperly used to designate impulse type of inkjet printing.
Drop on Demand. Drop on Demand is a term used to describe the most common type of inkjet printers. Ink is heated and moved into the inkjet nozzles in precise measurements as it is needed, thus saving ink from being wasted. This is a more efficient way to apply ink than the continuous ink jet, which is most often used for industrial applications.
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epartment efense
Deutsche Ozeanographische Datenzentrum
"Down On the Deck", the act of flying the model close to the the ground. Report this Word See also: Huck it! Added by: southern_touch9
Degree of Difficulty. A subjective scale of 1 to 5 to describe ease of installation of each ground effect and wide body kit listed in our catalogue where 1 signifies easy, 5 signifies very difficult and 2 to 4 fall somewhere between 1 and 5.
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ial- emand for net connections over POTS.
Dam of Distinction. Title awarded to a bitch that produces at least 10 first generation Champions of Record.
A U.S. government agency that originally sponsored the ARPANET research.
A government office that issues standards similar to Mil-Spec.
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To cut off, as wool from sheep's tails; to lop or clip off.
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Dod Hall, a dormitory, and also home of the mail room for main campus.
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includes all military branches including: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard and Reserves.
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Day of Defeat
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evening, night
A common abbreviation for "Date of Death."
Date of diagnosis
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come here